Study in Asia 2024

 Study in Asia 2024

Study in Asia 2024
Study in Asia 2024

Hot Courses Middle East has launched new sections on its website about more impressive study destinations in the world
and with more information and opportunities to connect with universities in China, Japan and South Korea in addition to the previous platforms
the student will be in an easier position to choose his destination upcoming tuition.


About 377,000 new international students enrolled in China in 2014, making it one of the most popular non-English speaking study destinations.
While China has one of the strongest educational systems in the world, it is considered one of the most prominent commercial centers and tourist destinations

which makes studying there an invaluable opportunity.

You can view all information related to studying in China via this link.


The past few years have seen Japan seek to attract more international students by increasing the number of study programs in English. 
Japan is an impressive study destination for students looking to study technology. 
While Tokyo is ranked as the third best city to study in in 2016
72 Japanese universities are located within QS list of the top 350 universities in the Asian continent.

South Korea

One of the other leading Asian powers in the fields of education and technology, and during the past few years South Korea has invested heavily in the fields of education and scientific research
which has helped South Korean universities gain a good reputation among international students thanks to 54 Korean universities among the top 350 universities in Asia 
In addition 
the capital
Seoul became one of the top 10 cities in the world to study in in 2016.

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