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Academic Studies

Scientific research is the sure way that the researcher conducts in order to achieve all his goals, in order to be able to solve the problems and issues facing the society under study\

and when the researcher does scientific research, it requires him to conduct a set of studies that help him analyze the problem clearly What are the types of studies in scientific research?

Definition of study in scientific research

What is meant by scientific research studies is a set of actions taken by the researcher in order to reach a set of solutions to problems related to the study sample and society.

Thus, you have become acquainted with the meaning of academic study. What do you think that we look at the most important steps of study in scientific research?

Study steps in scientific research

Many researchers ask about the steps for preparing studies in scientific research, and we will now answer this question, as these steps are as follows:

1- The first step is to accurately define the subject of study for scientific research.

2- The researcher must formulate the questions for the study.

3- You must choose the category of people on whom the study will be conducted.

4- You must choose the scientific research tool used in collecting study data.

5- You must write all the data or information related to the study.

6- Analyzing and interpreting all the information collected by the researcher.

7- Reaching the results that contribute to solving the problems of the study and starting to write them down.

You can learn about the steps for preparing previous studies through this article.

Types of studies in scientific research

There is a large group of studies that the scientific researcher conducts in his own research, so what do you think that we get to know the most important types of studies in scientific research

First: survey studies

Exploratory studies are the first stage of conducting scientific research, and this type of studies is considered a prelude to all the conditions that the researcher faces while conducting his own scientific research, and it is the mainstay of all field studies that are conducted.

The main objective of the exploratory study is to contribute to solving all the problems that are not clear in your scientific research. In this study, there is a set of initial questions, and each question contains only one variable, and there are no hypotheses in these questions.

What are the most important features of the survey study?

1- Extreme flexibility.

2- Non-compliance with the element of accuracy.

3- You do not need a lot of data.

4- You don't need much time to perform it.

5- Speed in completion.

6- Comprehensiveness and distancing from limitations.

You can learn more information about the importance of the survey by reading this article.

Second, descriptive studies

They are the most important types of studies in scientific research, through which the scientific problem related to your research is described and analyzed, and then a set of accurate results are deduced and thus work to solve all the problems facing the researcher, and the most important types of research in which descriptive studies are used are social and human research .

Your descriptive studies begin with defining the problem precisely, then the researcher begins to formulate all the questions related to the problem, and then comes the stage of formulating hypotheses that are considered as the initial solution to the problem of the study, after that comes the role of selecting the target segment as well as scientific research tools and finally obtaining the results of the study .

The most important features of the descriptive study

1- Realism.

2- Accuracy in collecting information.

3- Contribute to solving study problems.

4- Develop hypotheses for the study.

Third: Diagnostic studies

The diagnostic study is considered one of the most important types of studies in scientific research, and it relies on presenting and interpreting the phenomena of scientific research in two important ways, which are quantity as well as quality, and the assumptions of the study are built through a scientific method that shows the relationships between the problems of the study.

The diagnostic or explanatory study is the best way to provide the natural sciences with rules, laws, or theories that clarify the ambiguity in the social study.

Advantages of diagnostic studies

1- The most accurate types of studies in scientific research.

2- It works to discover a group of new information.

3- Accurate identification of all the parameters of the scientific problem.


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